Only 1 of 36 ‘chapters’ have been agreed between the EU and Turkey. Turkey must also get approval to join from each existing EU member.


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Founded by Alex Tait and Benedict Pringle in 2018, we are a small group of volunteers now supported by several political parties and the trade body for advertisers in the UK, ISBA. RPA’s founders and some other volunteers are from the advertising industry: that means we know the rules and recognise when they are broken. The notion that misleading electoral advertising damages both democracy and advertising and must be regulated has gained some traction. Our campaign runs on a relatively small budget which consists mainly of operational costs and occasionally research. We reply on unpaid volunteers to run Reform Political Advertising. Our website was kindly produced for free by the agencies MRM and Loopmill. We rely on supporters passionate about the need for change in electoral advertising regulation to cover our running costs. We will list any donations we receive each financial year over £5,000 on this page of our website.


We are non-profit, registered as a company limited by guarantee and perhaps most importantly we are politically impartial. The issue for us is not who they are, but what they say in advertising in order to procure votes.  Our attitude throughout has always been to try to be as reasonable and sensible as our proposition when pursuing it. We are not a strident group, but we are steadfast in our view that the status quo – electoral advertising with content devoid of any form of independent regulation – must change.

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