Coalition members

We started in the ad industry but members now include citizens, businesses & not for profits.

In the UK one of our early supporters was the UK advertising trade body ISBA who provided us with this supporting statement.

“ISBA supports the Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising‘s 4 point plan and agrees there is urgency for there to be agreement in how political advertising should be more closely regulated ahead of any potential upcoming electoral processes.”

Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA

Political parties

We are a politically neutral organisation but we are delighted that in the UK two of the largest parties The Independent Group for Change and The Green Party have supported us. We are approaching all UK political parties for support.

“At the Green Party, we support The Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising’s campaign and all of the points you are seeking support for. We have been pushing for reform of regulations around elections for some years, particularly for transparency over online campaigning where electoral law is far behind where it should be in today’s digital age.”

The Green Party

“In an era of populism and eroding trust in politics, we should all do our best to raise the standard of debate. Our politics is so broken right now and we are determined to change it. All the parties should join with us in signing up to these political advertising standards.”

Chris Leslie, MP, The Independent Group for Change

Media support

We’ve also had a wide range of support from various organisations that have helped us raise awareness of the campaign including The Sun, The Times and The Guardian. Since launching our international framework we’ve also had coverage with various international media owners including

  • The Times
  • The Sun
  • The Guardian
  • BBC
  • The New European
  • Český rozhlas
  • ABC (Australia)
  • Deutsche Welle

Marketing industry member organisations

We’ve also membership from many organisations in the ad industry  including ISBA, IMRG and econsultancy.

If as an individual or on behalf of your organisation you’d like to support the Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising please email Alex at alex (dot) tait (at) reformpoliticaladvertising (dot) org.