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We need your help to continue our campaign to prevent lies in electoral advertising.

Alex Tait

The public are hungry for change. They want to see politicians turn the page on months of dishonesty and deception. Our proposal – to properly regulate electoral ads – offers them a way to do that.

And in the in last year we have taken some huge strides towards this goal. 

We’ve made significant inroads with opposition parties. We’ve gained the official backing of the Greens for electoral ad regulation and almost all opposition MPs we speak with agree with the idea of it.

This isn’t a pipe dream. We held a cross-party event last year with New Zealand’s Advertising Standards Authority CEO, Hilary Souter. In it she took MPs though how regulation to prevent lies in electoral ads has worked there for the last few decades with all the parties bought into the process.

We’ve also now established the first ever electoral ads review panel. A panel now being chaired by the esteemed Lord Puttnam that we set up to demonstrate how regulation could work in the UK.

The Advertising Standard’s Authority also updated its position a few years ago and said “we think political advertising should be regulated”.

Liz Saville Roberts MP also included our ask in a private members bill last year.

These are significant developments and now is the time to build on our success.

To do so, we need your support.

Reform Political Advertising is funded by people like you – people who believe that politicians and their parties should be honest.

We’re looking to raise £5000 to capitalise on the success we’ve achieved so far and push home the regulation of electoral ads. 

Your donations will:

  • Mean we are fully prepared for a potential general election and can launch a nationwide campaign to convince candidates to back our campaign.
  • Ensure we can continue to brief MPs – particularly MPs in opposition parties – and bring them over to our growing lobby of support.

Please donate what you can here. With your help, we will be able to finally ensure that electoral advertising is honest, transparent, and accountable.

If you’d like to find out more about the campaign and what your donation will be spent on please email alex.tait@reformpoliticaladvertising.org and I’d be happy to set up a virtual meeting to discuss it with you. 

Alex Tait
Co-Founder, Reform Political Advertising. 

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